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Francisella tularensis

Francisella tularensis on CHAB
F. tularensis on CHAB @ 48hrs (PHIL)

Colony Characteristics

  • Poor growth on sheep blood agar.
  • Growth on chocolate, Thayer-Martin, and horse blood agar: 1-3 mm, gray-white to bluish-gray with a smooth flat surface at 48-72 hrs.
  • Ability to grow on sheep blood agar diminishes after sub-culturing.
  • Does not grow on MacConkey or EMB agar.

Francisella tularensis 48 hours Horse Blood
F. tularensis on Horse Blood Agar @48 hrs (NCSLPH)
Francisella tularensis on CHAB
F. tularensis on Sheep Blood Agar @48 hrs (NCSLPH)


Francisella microscopic

  • Faintly staining, very tiny Gram-negative coccobacillus, most appear as single cells.
  • Cells appear smaller than those of Brucella spp.

Oxidase Negative
Urease Negative

Any sample that cannot be ruled out by these methods should be forwarded to the NCSLPH.

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