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DHHS RPS Sample Test Results

Radiochemistry Sample Test Results


Environmental Sciences: Environmental Radiochemistry

The Environmental Radiochemistry Unit analyzes environmental samples submitted by the DHHS Radiation Protection Section, local health departments and other governmental agencies. Natural and manmade radiation levels in air, water, milk, food and other media, are currently monitored. These environmental surveillance programs are outlined below. All parameters are not tested on each sample.

Analyses Performed:

  • Gross Alpha
  • Gross Beta
  • Tritium
  • Gamma Screen
  • Uranium

Sample Collection and Shipment

Collection kits and forms are available from the State Laboratory through the NCSLPH online supply ordering system.

Samples should be submitted to the laboratory as soon as possible following collection.


The variety of sample types, analytical methodologies, and current sample loads make it difficult to predict the time required for reporting. Best estimates, based on the individual situation, can be made at the time of sample submission to the Laboratory. Crisis samples will receive priority over routine monitoring samples.

Note: For radiation contamination problems other than routine drinking water monitoring, please contact the Division of Radiation Protection, Environmental Radiation Surveillance Section (919) 571-4141. Personnel from that office will be dispatched to investigate the situation.

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